As a busy mother of 4, I find my yoga practice a welcome release from the stresses of day to day life. Yoga changed my life after, at the age of 39, I took a bad tumble off my mountain bike and broke several bones. The healing and subsequent joy I garnered from my practice instilled in me a desire to share this amazing way of life with others. Through gentle encouragement and positive reinforcement in the Hatha style, I like to think that I challenge my students to channel their own wonderful energy to be the best they can be on this remarkable journey.

I believe that yoga is a integral part of a balanced and diverse life. For my part, I continue to seek out new challenges and find joy in mountain biking and gardening in the warmer months, and snowshoeing and skiing in the colder months. I love making new friends and sharing a busy lifestyle with my husband Tom and whichever of our four children are home at any given time.